April Fools: Top fake news in tech

It is that time of year again with all the exciting fake news in tech.

Google Shrine

Google is launching a shrine called “Google Shrine” where you can
worship to get more traffic to your website. It is a nice thing to
have for startups, bloggers and search engine optimization (SEO)
specialists who want to maximize the volume of inbound organic traffic
from search engines to their websites. I will also be getting one for

Google Shrine (source: https://www.gshrine.com)

Google Cloud Hummus API
There are dozens of hummus types and it is a headache choosing one
whenever I buy groceries. Now I can build an Android app that uses
this API to decide what hummus I want depending on my mood. This just
made my day!

Razor’s Project Venom v2

Razer Venom V2 turns gamers limitless. This energy drink uses nanobots
to help make sure your body is working at optimal efficiency when
playing games. No more fatigue playing Dota. I can now play game all
night long. Game changing!

T-Mobile’s Sidekicks Smartphone

It is the world’s first smartshoephone by T-Mobile. The T-Mobile
website suggests the shoes would have smartphone features, like a
touch display, 4G network connectivity and a camera. Great! I hope
they still have headphone jacks.

Bad Joke Detector by Google’s Files Go

If you use Files Go, this is probably the best feature. The app helps
you free up space on your phone by deleting any bad jokes you
inadvertently receive from friends and family using “a custom-built
deep neural network”.

Genetic Select by Lexus

Today, partnership has been launched between 23AndMe and Lexus to use
your DNA to figure out which Lexus is right for you. Now you don’t need
to get frustrated deciding which Lexus to buy. All you need to do is
just spitting into a test tube.


Another day another cryptocurrency.

Tumblcoin announcement

Chegg Osmosis Pillow
Chegg introduced the Chegg Osmosis Pillow, an incredible new way to
study while you sleep. It is a memory foam that not only remembers you
but also remembers things that you study. That is probably the second
best thing after Stemino if you are a student. Highly recommended.

Happy April Fools’ Day!