April Fools 2019 Edition

Google Tulip

Today Google announces Google Tulip. With Google Tulip, you will be able to talk to any tulip through a Google assistant.

Waymo Pet

It’s a self-driving service, exclusively for our furry, feathery, and scaly friends.

Shutterstock's Brick and Mortar Stock Library

To catch up with the emerging market for physical libraries, Shutterstock finally opens its first physical library. It will be one of the world’s largest library of stock image, vectors, photos, footage and music.

Duolingo's Push

Duolingo introduces a new premium feature called Duolingo Push. In addition to existing push notification, it will now summon a real life Duo the owl to your location to subtly remind you to stop procrastinating and start studying. You can choose the personality of Duo the owl as you like. Currently available personalities are encouraging Duo, disappointed Duo, passive aggressive Duo.

1Password's Internet Password Book

It is a cold storage for passwords. So maximum security! More details here.

Razr Ping

Talking is so inefficient. With Razr Ping AR app, you can ping the real life object just like in games. Simply point your camera at any object and let Razer Ping! do all the work. Never speak to your friends again! More details here.

T-Mobile Phone BoothE

2019 is the year phones are not boring anymore. We are seeing folding phones, shark phones, flex phones, wrapping phones and so on. Now T-Mobile announces Phone BoothE: vertial rectangular cube. It deploys a door which should be unlocked using your smartphone's NFC. It is sound-proof, water-proof and people-proof. So you can make a call without getting any distraction. It is also rumored that the sound quality so good that it will blows other phones out of the water.

Newegg's iBrite CPU

Newegg enters CPU war with its first CPU. It is the world's first RGB capable CPU targeted towards gamers. It is the most beautiful and shiny CPU you can buy currently. It costs $4999. Buy here.

Happy April Fools' day!